All information about the different disciplines addressed by centres and units organised into three main categories and the transversal category of Open Science

SOMMa Research disciplines

SOMMa centres and units cover a wide breadth of scientific disciplines, from life sciences and medicine, mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, to humanities, economics and social sciences.

  • Life Sciences

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  • Maths, Experimental Sciences and Engineering

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  • Social Sciences and Humanities

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  • Open Science

    Scientific knowledge openly hared, fuelling the discovery process, and empowering society

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Key facts in Research

Cutting-edge research performed at SOMMa centres and units is published in top-tier journals for each scientific field. Our members are highly collaborative and have a high capacity of attracting talent and training students.

From PhD students, to independent researchers and group leaders (data from 37 members)
Out of 1,423 Postdocs, 645 come from abroad (2016, 38 members)
In international peer-reviewed journals (data from 2016, 39 members)
Articles published in the top-25% (first quartile) ranked journals (data from 2016, obtained from 39 members)
Defended during 2016, with degrees issued by more than 30 different collaborating Universities
SOMMa researchers contribute to international science with several collaborations, like all these EU collaborative projects (2016)