Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (BCAM)

BCAM is a world-class interdisciplinary Research Centre in the field of Applied Mathematics that was founded in 2008 as a Basque Excellence Research Centre (BERC), with a focus on interdisciplinary research in mathematics, as well as training, attracting talented scientists, and promoting scientific and technological advances worldwide.

BCAM scientific activities are organised into Research Lines working in relevant areas through highly competitive projects developed by BCAM researchers. With the mission “mathematics in the service of society”, we are committed to establishing links and collaborations with industry, R&D companies and social institutions, in order to transfer our excellence research in Applied Mathematics to diverse areas (industrial, energy, materials, health, social, ecological, financial...), contributing in a sustainable manner to XXI century societal challenges.

Embedded in a multicultural environment, BCAM provides the right atmosphere for research and promotes the creation of hard-working international and interdisciplinary teams. 

Key Facts of BCAM

Percentage or articles in first decile journals.
Number ERC projects awarded.
Number of Funded Knowledge Transfer Projects.
High multidisciplinary article production according to Scopus records.

The Severo Ochoa distinction (2013) is a great achievement and a great step forward that will allow us to strengthen our position as an obliged reference of Applied Mathematics in Spain, and consolidate BCAM as one of the most relevant institutions of the field in Europe.

Luis Vega

Luis Vega

Scientific Director at BCAM

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