Centre for Cooperative Research in Biosciences (CIC bioGUNE)

The cutting-edge scientific activity of CIC bioGUNE researchers explores the interface between Chemistry and Biomedicine, with emphasis on Structural, Molecular and Cell Biology.

Two research programmes - “Molecular Recognition and Host-Pathogen Interactions” and “Metabolism and Cell Signalling in Disease” – are made up of more than 150 scientists and technicians, who concentrate on the molecular bases and mechanisms of disease to create new diagnostic methods and promote development of advanced therapies.

Key Facts of CIC bioGUNE

Percentage of funding from external, competitive sources.
Percentage of financing form non-public sources.
Percentage of publications in the top 25 %, out of 106 published.
11 new pattent applications are in course.

The Severo Ochoa distinction will be employed to strengthen our institutional role as leader of scientific research in biosciences in the Basque Country and beyond, fostering initiatives from fundamental research to experimental development.

José María Mato

José María Mato

Director at CIC bioGUNE

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