nanoGUNE Cooperative Research Center (CIC nanoGUNE)

CIC nanoGUNE is a research centre created in 2006 with the mission of conducting excellence research in nanoscience and nanotechnology and increasing the economic competitiveness of its environment.

Since its foundation, it has specialised, among others, in areas such as light, spins and nanomaterials at the nanoscale.

It has also founded new nanotechnology-based companies such as Graphenea, Simune, Ctechnano, Evolgene and Prospero Biosciences.

Key Facts of CIC nanoGUNE

Percentage of financing from external, competitive sources.
Newly founded companies from research at nanoGUNE.
Number of ERC grants awarded, as of 2016.
1 Science, 2 Nature Physics, 1 Nature Nanotechnology, 1 Nature Materials, 1 Nature Chemistry, 1 Nature Photonics in 2016.

Our commitment has always been to place our centre at the forefront of nanoscience research. This distinction will help us to fulfill our dream and to contribute to a better society.

José María Pitarke

Jose M. Pitarke

Director at CIC nanoGUNE

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