Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC)

The main mission of the CNIC is to bring together the best of Spanish cardiovascular research and provide it with a modern infrastructure and ample funding to carry out world-leading biomedical research. Through the creation of the Pro CNIC Foundation and the support of the Government, the CNIC stands as an innovative joint venture between the state and the private sector.

The CNIC’s three main areas of activity are Scientific Research, Translational Medicine, and Training.

The CNIC’s ultimate goal is for newly generated knowledge to be translated into societal benefits and a tangible return for the Spanish public sector.

The centre’s resources are all oriented toward translating research results into changes in clinical practice and opportunities for the business sector. To achieve this goal, the centre promotes close partnerships between basic and clinical investigators and pioneers their participation in population-based clinical and observational studies, one of the center’s core commitments.

Another core activity at the CNIC is training. The CNIC-JOVEN Training Plan covers all levels from senior high school to postdoctoral research and is dedicated to ensuring a strong base of talented biomedical researchers in Spain.

Of the more than 400 staff at the CNIC, 85% work directly on research projects, as members of technical units or research groups. The CNIC’s researchers are selected through an international competitive process and are evaluated periodically by an external evaluation committee composed of 13 internationally renowned research scientists.

The SO-MM programme will certainly help to influence science policies that allow to promote excellence in research and to attract and retain talent in Spain.

Dr. Valentin Fuster

Dr. Valentin Fuster

Director of CNIC

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