High-speed non-algorithmic analogue photonic computing with applications in telecom and datacom

Application deadline:

The Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC, CSIC-UIB) has an opening for a PhD position under the H2020 ETN project “POST-DIGITAL – Neuromorphic computing in photonic and other nonlinear media”.  The PhD position is hosted in the Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory at IFISC (ifisc.uib-csic.es) – Palma de Mallorca and is co-supervised by VLC Photonics. The expected outcome is the experimental demonstration of novel analogue photonic processing modules for telecom and datacom applications. The selected candidate is expected to work on the following tasks: • Processing of optical signals by using photonic approaches based on machine learning techniques. • Experimental implementations of various photonic reservoir computing configurations for telecom and datacom applications. • Application of these methodologies in signal post-processing of 100G/400G data centre communication systems. • Building all-optical neuromorphic post-processors based on photonic integrated circuits for telecom and datacom applications.