Lab Manager - Inferring Complex Causality in Aging

Application deadline:

The successful candidate will: Lead an open-ended project related to the genetics and molecular physiology of aging. Develop new functional genomics approaches for measuring change at the single cell, individual, and population level. Work with C. elegans as a fast-aging and genetically tractable model for prototyping approaches that can be transferred to vertebrate models and humans. Engage in close wet-lab / dry-lab collaborations to develop new experimental methods. Join in regular journal clubs, departmental data clubs, and institutional symposia. Work with the lab’s high-throughput imaging technology “The Lifespan Machine”. Interact with colleagues the CNAG (centro nacional de análisis genómico) Single Cell Genomics Team and CRG Genomics Core, as well as colleagues located in biology, physics, and engineering departments at multiple institutes and universities across Barcelona.