RTD project manager. Canary Islands Astronomical Observatories. REFERENCE:PS-2019-018. TEMPORARY CONTRACT

Application deadline:

Scientific-technical implementation and technical and economic management of the new Strategic Plan of the OOCC,
performing the following functions:
1. Preparation of financing applications for investments in telescopic installations and various improvements in instrumentation, infrastructures and support services in the OOCCs.
2. Support the Subdirectorate during the implementation of the Strategic Plan in order to develop strategies raised and satisfactorily achieve the objectives of each of the actions of the Strategic Plan.
3. Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the degree of compliance with the specific objectives of the actions prioritized by the Strategic Plan, keeping informed the responsible of the IAC and Coordinator on progress and possible deviations.
4. Contribute to the proper organization, management and planning of communication / outreach activities
provided by the respective actions. In particular, contribute to update the support web page to the projects, in a way that ensures the correct dissemination of information about the activity developed by the Plan.
5. Keep the database of indicators of this ICTS updated, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, with special attention to the information related to the calls for access to this ICTS (concession resolution with the list of accesses requested and granted) as these are resolved and made public on the website.
6. Prepare progress reports on the degree of progress of the actions included in the Strategic Plan with the periodicity indicated by the Subdirectorate and, in any case, as many times as the Subdirectorate General requires of Large Scientific Technical Facilities.
7. Maintain institutional relations with the representatives of the telescopic facilities present in the OOCC, including support in the organization of meetings of the International Scientific Committee (ICC) and in the activity generated by the same
8. Provide the required institutional support to the international scientific community with potential interest in the OOCC.