8 PhD projects available at DIPC within la Caixa incoming INPhINIT Doctoral fellowships call 2022

Application deadline:

DIPC is a host institution of INPhINIT incoming fellowship programme of “la Caixa” and is offering 8 interesting projects for talented candidates who wants to pursue their PhD in physics or related disciplines, within a multidisciplinary and international research team, in the city of San Sebastian. The doctoral programme INPhINIT is aimed at supporting the best scientific talent -of any nationality- and fostering innovative and high-quality research in Spain and Portugal by recruiting talented early-stage international researchers and offering them an attractive and competitive environment for conducting research of excellence.

The followings are the projects to be carried out at DIPC within the INPhINIT programme’s call 2022: - Theoretical studies of cycloadditions and organocatalysis under pressure Group Leader: Bo Chen - Chiral Multicolor Quantum Dots for Monitoring Biologically Relevant Phenomena Group Leaders: Iván Rivilla & Fernando P. Cossío - Cyclic polymers for biomedical applications Group Leader: Fabienne Barroso Bujans - Deep learning based image analysis and biophysical modeling of multicellular biological systems Group Leader: Ignacio Arganda Carreras - Electronic and Structural Properties on Cementitious-like Materials Related to Energy Applications Group Leader: Andrés Ayuela Fernández - Novel correlated electronic states in two dimensional quantum materials Group Leader: Fernando de Juan & Miguel Moreno Ugeda - The cosmic history of supermassive black holes Group Leader: Silvia Bonoli - The distribution of galaxies in the Universe Group Leader: Raúl Angulo

Mobility requirement of incoming INPhINIT fellowships: To apply for a position in Spain, besides fulfil the requirements to be admitted into a doctoral programme, candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Spain for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the call deadline.

More information about the programme, the eligibility criteria and the application process can be found at https://fundacionlacaixa.org/documents/10280/1636133/programme-rules-in…