Bioinformatician for the Malaria Physiopathology/Malaria Genomics group

ISGlobal is seeking a talented individual who is experienced in bioinformatics analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data and pipeline development in the context of a project aiming to develop pa genomic surveillance system for malaria in Mozambique (

The overall objective is to use innovative genomic and analytical tools to advance the goal of malaria eradication. We will target 3 use cases: a) antimalarial and diagnostic resistance; b) parasite importation and characterization of local transmission in near-elimination settings; and c) stratification, monitoring and impact evaluation.

The project will be conducted by the Malaria Physiopathology group at ISGlobal, in collaboration with the Manhiça Health Research Center (Mozambique), the EPPICenter at the University of California-San Francisco (USA) and the Institute of Disease Modelling (USA).