Computer programmer for software development [ERC PoC HHS-EWS + Horizon Europe CATALYSE]

We are seeking a talented and highly motivated computer programmer or software engineer to join the research team of Dr. Joan Ballester at ISGlobal within the framework of various research projects, mainly the ERC Proof-of-Concept project HHS-EWS and the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action CATALYSE (see “Project information” below).

The team is at the forefront of environmental research by analysing a novel database of human health in Europe, which incorporates a range of environmental, socioeconomic and demographic variables and novel digital data streams at different spatiotemporal scales.

The main duty of the candidate is to create and automatize software tools to develop operational heat-health early warning systems driven by real-time weather forecasts. The chosen candidate will also contribute to the design, creation, harmonisation and management of the team research database.

This includes the data collection process, the creation of subroutines that automatically download new, real-time or updated datasets, such as climate and air quality forecasts and projections, and the post-processing of large data files to support the research of other team members. The candidate is expected to closely interact with all the other members of the team, in order to better design and update the database, and address any need in terms of data, programming and specialized software. The candidate is not requested to contribute to scientific research, but any interest in that regard will be taken into consideration.