Human Palaeoecology and Social Evolution: 6 Postdoctoral positions

Application deadline:

Call for 6 Post-Doctoral Researcher Positions (2.5 years) at IPHES.

The main goal of the IPHES is to develop scientific knowledge across human prehistory. Our research focuses on the cultural and biological evolution of different species of Homo and their environments. Fieldwork projects, data compilation, processing, and analysis, and theoretical work provides the appropriate background to gain insight into social, ecological and climatic factors that have shaped human evolution. Subject areas studied at IPHES include, among others:

  • Pleistocene and Early Holocene hominin dispersal
  • Evolution in subsistence strategies
  • Neanderthal lifestyle
  • Palaeobiology and biochronology
  • The impact of climatic change on human communities

IPHES has contributed in two major areas of international scientific inquiry: 1) determining the chronology of the first human occupations in Europe and 2) defining the palaeobiology of the earliest Homo species associated with the first dispersals into Europe.

Submit your application by January the 29th.

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