IT Expert Contract - software support

Application deadline:

IAA-CSIC offers a graduate contract in the framework of the Project “Severo Ochoa”. Candidates are expected to carry out their activity in the field of astronomical software support. The tasks will be: - Installation of operating systems on specific servers. Including remote management tools (webmin type) and remote access for users via ssh and graphical environment (rdp or vnc or x2go) as well as development tools such as compilers and programming environments. - Installation and maintenance of tools used by the scientific staff of the IAA: python and packages necessary for astronomy, statistics and machine learning (numpy/scipy, astropy, sckit-learn, matplotlib, pandas...) under environments made ad-hoc using pip or under anaconda fundamentally for non-linux systems.) Installation of specific software and maintenance of tools on which it depends, such as openjdk: topcat, Aladin, ds9, VO tools, iraf-pyraf... - Management of a powerful backup system such as Bacula, as well as file age and usage control systems. - Management of large file systems using redundancy either under raid and testing systems with greater possibilities of control such as zfs that allow snapshots, subvolumes... Requirements: Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering