Margarita Salas Fellowships

Application deadline:

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Objective: To train young doctors in Spanish public universities, foreign universities or research centers, or in Spanish public research organisms by means of subsidizing them for two continuous years.

These grants have a full duration of two years, and may be scheduled to start between January 1st and April 1st, 2022.

The second year must be developed at the University of Barcelona or at a Spanish university of the applicant’s choice, even if the doctorate has been obtained.



The aid amounts to 3,500 gross euros per month for stays abroad and 2,800 gross euros per month for stays in Spain, including the last year. In addition, a single payment of 3,500 gross euros is made as a transfer fee.



- You must have obtained the title of doctor at the University of Barcelona within a maximum of two years prior to the closing date for the submission of applications (July 30). This period is extended when certain circumstances arise, please consult the rules of the call.

-People who request to do part or all of their stay at the UB can apply to the UB as long as they meet the other requirements.

- Apply for incorporation to carry out a continuous stay for two years in a Spanish public university, or during the first year in foreign universities or research centers or in Spanish public research organizations. In all cases, they must be different from those in which the pre-doctoral training was taken and the doctorate was obtained.



- CV, abbreviated curriculum

- Copy of the doctorate degree, except if issued by the UB.

- Scientific and technical history of the receiving group, stating the group's collaborations with the University of Barcelona and the report justifying the impact on the progress of the applicant's teaching and research career, Annex 2. This must be done both for the host group of the university or research center in which the stay will take place in the first year, and for the host center for the last year.

- Document of acceptance of the formative stay of the receiving group 1, and if applicable of the receiving group 2. Annex 3 and Annex 4.


Submission of the application:

Through this website before July 30th.


Evaluation criteria:

a) Abbreviated curriculum vitae of the applicant (up to 50 points)

b) Scientific and technical history of the receiving group or groups (up to 30 points). Collaborations of the receiving group with the University of Barcelona are taken into account.

c) Supporting reports (up to 20 points)

The applicant must score at least 80 points to pass the assessment.


All the information regarding this call can be found here."