PhD student – climate attribution (R1)

The Department of Earth Sciences of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), BSC-ES henceforth ( is one of the most active groups in air quality and atmospheric composition modelling, climate prediction and climate change simulation, climate services, and environmental computational research and engineering in Europe.

BSC-ES is looking for a PhD student to explore new methodologies to attribute extreme climate events to global warming and other climate drivers. The incumbent is expected to use a wide range of climate observations and simulations to make attribution statements for the Euro-Mediterranean region. She/he will also use the EC-Earth climate model to assess the relative merits of approaches inspired in simplified data assimilation in climate attribution. Both climate-change attribution and attribution of extreme events will be studied considering factual and counter-factual worlds in the coupled climate model where the observed atmospheric circulation is prescribed.