PhD Student Position in the fields of Oncology and Aging research

The newly founded research group of Dr. Mate Maus investigates the biology of aging and its connections with cancer. We aim to understand, measure and target age-associated changes that drive the rising incidence of cancer with age. The lab asks how:

Aging of the tissue microenvironment and age-associated fibrotic tissue remodelling (Maus et al, BioRxiv, 2022).

Aging of the immune system (Vaeth* and Maus* et al, Immunity, 2017).

Metabolic senescence of cells (Maus et al., Cell Metabolism, 2017) contribute to cancer.

The lab works with mouse models, in vitro models, and with human specimen. The working language of the lab is English. The lab is part of the vibrant scientific environment of the VHIO, which is located in the science and technology hub of Barcelona.