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The post-doctoral researcher will be involved in developing computational models in the framework of a Flag-Era project of the Human Brain Project, in collaboration with experimental groups located in Marseille and Budapest. The goal of the theoretical group, located in Barcelona, is to understand the computational benefits for navigational strategies of mixing rigid and plastic neurons into the same hippocampal network. This theoretical project itself is comprised of three separate objectives:

1) The relative contributions of network heterogeneity versus single-cell diversity in generating plastic and rigid assemblies.

2) How diversity affects the fidelity of the place-cell code: an information theoretic study.

3) How diversity shapes replay in hippocampal networks.

Our end goal will be to provide a predictive model that combines all the experimental data sets from our experimental collaborators. While our work will specifically address hippocampal place-cell dynamics, we will also seek to gain insight into possible fundamental computational advantages of heterogeneity in neuronal networks in general.