Post-doctoral Researcher on Spectroscopic Characterization of 2D Materials and Perovskites

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The Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center, CIC nanoGUNE, located in Donostia - San Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain), is currently looking for a POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER to work on Spectroscopic Characterization of 2D Materials and Perovskites
The candidate will join a newly funded research line focusing on the investigation of 2D layered materials and low dimensional metal halide perovskites through a combination of electrical and optical characterizations.
Raman spectroscopy and device fabrication/characterization will be employed to reveal a wide variety of physical and chemical phenomena occurring when low dimensional materials are modulated using electrostatic gating and molecular functionalization. A special focus will be given to phase transitions, magnetic ordering and hetero-interface charge transfer.
The final goal is to modulate the 2D materials properties in single flakes and heterostructures, looking for the integration of working systems into functional spintronic and opto-electronic nanodevices.
The research will include the exfoliation and stacking of 2D materials into van der Waals heterostructures, their optical characterization through temperature-dependent micro-Raman/photoluminescence spectroscopy, the chemical functionalization of 2D materials and the fabrication and electrical characterization of devices (thin film deposition, lithography).

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