Postdoc position: The astrophysics of pulsar wind nebulae and related systems

We are opening a position for a postdoc with interests in the theoretical development of our understanding of pulsar wind nebulae and related systems. The candidate will join ongoing research on radiative / hydrodynamical models of PWNe, including reverberation. We are particularly interested in candidates with previous experience in this topic, either using radiative codes or with HD/MHD codes such as PLUTO, or both. The candidate should have good background with C++, Python, and Fortran programming languages.

Other research in the group spans transitional pulsars and gamma-ray binaries, accreting binaries, magnetospheric emission from pulsars, and applications of graph theory and machine learning to aspects of pulsar physics and astrophysics.

The Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) has been recently distinguished with the María de Maeztu Excellence Seal, as one of the top research centers in the country. It has 24 faculty members. Their areas of research vary from engineering applied to several space missions to fundamental physics and cosmology, from high-energy astronomy to theoretical astrophysics.