Postdoctoral Researcher in Leukaemic Stem Cell Biology

Ref. PD/22/12

IRB Barcelona seeks a motivated Postdoctoral researcher for the Quantitative Stem Cell Dynamics Lab, led by Dr. Alejo Rodriguez-Fraticelli ( The lab focuses on implementing cutting-edge single-cell technologies to discover new druggable susceptibilities in leukaemia and other blood malignancies. The goal is to identify new targets to prevent drug-resistance and relapse in these terrible diseases.

We are looking for a wet lab candidate with a strong background in cancer biology, epigenetic analysis and/or stem cell research. Knowledge of single-cell sequencing, clonal analysis, biostatistics, and/or genomics will be appreciated but is not required for this position and the candidates will be trained in all appropriate skills for this project.

The position for this Postdoctoral researcher will be funded through the Cris Cancer Excellence Program awarded to the lab, with the potential to extend this contract up to 5 years. This level of support makes this an excellent opportunity for candidates looking to transition to an independent research-focused position.