Project Manager for TB project

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Barcelona Institute for Global Health is a research center in international health whose ultimate goal is to help close the gaps in health disparities between and within different regions of the world. For this, we leverage on knowledge generation (research), transmission (training) and application (policy and global development). Background Tuberculosis remains a global health concern.

Around 1.5 million people die and 10 million people fall sick every year due to this disease. In addition to the development and implementation of an effective vaccine, the development of new point of care tests, shorter treatment regimens for drug susceptible and drug resistant TB, and improved access to testing, are key elements which will pave the road to achieving global control / elimination targets.

ISGlobal TB Research group aims to conduct epidemiological research projects in the field of TB and contribute to develop new tools to fight the disease. The Research Group currently implements several projects in the field on new diagnostics. We are looking for a project manager that will be involved in the management of 2/3 research projects (depending on the workload in the different stages of the projects and the work packages assigned).

The projects

There are several projects being implemented in the TB research Unit. Two of the most important include:

Stool4TB is an EDCTP funded project that aims to evaluate an innovative stool-based qPCR diagnostic platform (with the capacity to become a POC diagnostic tool) in the high TB and HIV burden settings of Mozambique, Eswatini and Uganda, under the hypothesis that it will narrow the extremely large TB case detection gap by improving TB confirmation rates in children and people living with HIV. ISGlobal coordinates the project and leads the work package on the diagnostic trial.

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PreFIT aims to validate ready-to-use candidate assays for incipient TB in populations of intended use across different High burden settings in Mozambique, South Africa and Uganda. The project will deliver robust estimates of predictive performance for each candidate assay and for various combinations of assays, allowing cost-optimized algorithms to be defined. ISGlobal is the coordinator of the communication Work Package.

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