Research Officer

Ref. CF/22/06

The Bioinformatics / Biostatistics Unit is a vibrant group of highly skilled and experienced scientists who collaborate with the IRB Barcelona’s community in the design, analysis and interpretation of experiments, either in vivo, in vitro or in silico.

The unit is committed to providing a competitive advantage by developing tailored solutions and conducting methodological research. To do so, we engage in bioinformatics and statistical consulting from experimental design to publication, resulting in close collaborations with experimentalists in every stage of the way. We have an outstanding record of publications in high impact journals and offer a unique environment for practicing the most exciting science.

The Bioinformatics / Biostatistics Manager is seeking a Senior Research Officer to participate in data analysis and methodology development for very diverse data types and research projects.


Provide support in biological data analysis: process and analyze data from diverse platforms such as microarrays, next generation sequencing, single cell sequencing, clinical databases, proteomics, etc.

Develop tailored solutions and cutting-edge methodology for the analysis of data in collaboration with experimental researchers.

Provide access, manage information and analyze data from public databases such as dbSNP, 1000 genomes, GWAS, GEO, TCGA

Provide statistical consulting to the IRB’s community