Social Sciences and Humanities

Researching and reflecting on the impact of invention, technology and business on society, economy and the World

Social Sciences and Humanities are cross-cutting fields of broad relevance, which are included in the Horizon 2020 research agenda. Four participant institutions in SOMMa belong to this category.

The centres and units researching under this area focus on topics like competitiveness, economic growth, inequality and development, climate change, political institutions, international trade, big data, social media studies and linguistics, multilingualism, brain and cognitive sciences, neurodegeneration, brain damage and healthy aging. Many of these are subjects common to Technology or Life Science disciplines. The focus given from the perspective of Social Sciences and Humanities is clearly distinct, examining other kind of implications of those advances for people, society and economy as a whole, and perhaps proposing strategies for the management of the related issues. All this, without renouncing the support of technology and knowledge developed by the other branches of research.

Key Facts in Social Sciences and Humanities

2 Centres and 3 Units focus their research on Social Sciences and Humanities, of which one currently holds the Severo Ochoa label, while 2 currently hold the María de Maeztu label
Which are among the most competitive and prestigious individual grants (data from 2019)
Work in the Social Sciences and Humanities SOMMa centres and units (data from 2019)
In international, peer-reviewed journals (data from 2019)

Articles on Social Sciences and Humanities

Centres and Units of the alliance